and Rentals

We accompany and advise our clients in the process of managing, organizing, and optimizing the performance of their real estate assets.

Real Estate

Do you want to buy?

We advise you in the purchase of the property that best suits your needs.


Preparation of documentation prior to the deed

Management and processing of documentation

Negotiation with the seller

Technical and legal advice

Preparation and supervision of the process

Accompaniment until the day of signing

Interaction with the financial institution

Do you want to sell?

Our goal as a real estate agency is to help our clients sell their property at the best price and with all guarantees.

Real estate valuation

Documentation study


Closing the transaction


With over 50 years of managing real estate portfolios, we can provide the best solutions to increase the profitability of your real estate assets.

Property Conservation

Personalized attention to end-users

Incident resolution

Negotiation with suppliers

Financial advice

Legal advice

Advertising actions

Own client portfolio


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