Espai Natura is an exercise that integrates indoor and outdoor space, conceived with people in mind, with the aim of creating quality healthy spaces where they can enjoy their daily lives.


Espai Natura is a collective housing development located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a privileged location due to its connectivity with Barcelona and close to the natural wealth offered by the northern slopes of the Parc de Collserola. Built under the parameters of H.A.U.S., it incorporates an integral set of healthy criteria into the living spaces to improve the well-being of individuals and the environment.

and sustainability

We have worked so that your home is and can be considered a healthy space. Beyond what is indicated and determined by the regulations of the different administrations, we have made every effort to use materials and solutions that bring us closer to healthy thermal, lighting, bioelectric, acoustic and air quality levels.

We optimise energy consumption to achieve optimal levels from the first phase of the construction process, implementing mechanisms for correct compliance.

We carry out projects that aim to reduce or minimise the wear and tear that we carry out when constructing or renovating a building. We specify measures and solutions that can be incorporated into the project so that the minimum possible impact is generated. This work methodology allows us to build in a healthier and more sustainable way, ensuring health, comfort and well-being.

A healthy environment is synonymous with comfort. At Marcove we place the user at the centre of the experience, guaranteeing their comfort while respecting all the needs required for an efficient and sustainable project.


Espai Natura, building
Energy Efficiency
Certificate A
Espai Natura, building
certified with 4 Green leaves
of the Green Building
Espai Natura I Finalist in
the FAD Architecture and
Interior Design Awards 2018
Categoría Innovación.
Espai Natura Finalist
Construcció 2018 awards.
Category Innovation and


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